About Professor Hamed Heidi

About Professor Hamed Heidi

A beautiful spring morning was born on the sixth day of Farvardin, at the same time as the birth of Zoroaster. From the beginning of his childhood, under the tutelage of his father (Master Ali Heidi), he became acquainted with martial arts and at the same time learned gymnastics under the supervision of Master Mohammad Ebrahimi at the Karaj Rangers Club.

His love for martial arts led him to give up gymnastics after two years and wear the Kyokushin Karate uniform at the same club, under the tutelage of Master Ali Cheraghi. Kyokushin heavy training and strong spirit of this martial style was a strong reason for choosing this field as his first and professional sport, which has remained stable since that time.

He spent his university days practicing in other martial arts such as boxing, sanshou, folk contact and judo, and during his military service he received the award (best shooter of J3 weapon) in the Ministry of Defense and Support of the Armed Forces of Iran.

After military service and after a short period of staying away from sports and activities in the field of music, he put on war clothes again and under the supervision of Aziz Molaei, he continued Kyokshin training and won honors and heroism in various martial competitions. And learned the techniques of Aerocambet and Iro Muay Thai from them.

Hamed Heidi regularly attended conferences and sports festivals and performed martial arts and acrobatic techniques. Show yourself.

After returning from the Belgrade competitions, due to the lack of support and cooperation of the managers of the company in which he worked, he was forced to stop playing championship sports and the national team, and since then he has been practicing stunt training in the live group of Yad Peyman Abadi. During this period, he followed parkour and freeriving seriously and was able to increase his abilities with continuous training, and after that, he entered a new period of his sports life by forming a group called Hital.

Hamed Heidi, with his frequent and continuous follow-ups and cooperation with the Iranian Physical Fitness Federation, along with two Iranian parkour workers, played a significant role in formalizing parkour and freelancing in Iran. As a result of this action, the first group of parkour and freering trainers in Iran was formally and legally trained by Hamed and two other teachers and received their coaching orders.

After that, Professor Heidi independently held parkour coaching classes in other cities of Iran and continued to spread this sport in Iran by holding various sports festivals.

At the same time, he joined the Iranian national team at the invitation of the Iranian Muay Thai Association, which resulted in a successful participation in the 2011 World Muay Thai Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and the performance of the Euro Muay Thai Championships in the 2012 Tehran Championships.

Currently, he has 4 Kyokushin Karate and has numerous coaching degrees in various sports. He teaches and educates his students and instructors in parkour, Kyokushin and other specialized fields, and collaborates in film and advertising projects as a consultant and sports expert. By joining the Martial Arts Association, he continues to benefit from the presence of the great masters of Iranian martial arts.


Professor Hamed Heidi

  • Founder and head of Hital Sports Group

Sports honors and records :

  • Participation in the 2012 Muay Thai World Championships in Tehran .
  • Join the national team of Iro Muay Thai and participate in the 2011 World Championships in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
  • Join the first national aerobic step and marathon team of Iran and participate in the 2007 World Championships in Belgrade (Serbia).
  • Champion and runner-up of Iran in several rounds of Kyokushin Karate competitions in Iran.
  • Champion and runner-up of Iran in several rounds of Kata Kyokushin Karate competitions in Iran.
  • History of participating in martial arts freestyle championships.
  • Iran’s runner-up in the national kung fu championship.
  • Get a fighting cup from Kyokushin Karate.
  • Get the cup of the most technical freestyle fight fighter.
  • Champion and runner-up of Ring Sun Rand fights.
  • History of participating in the first stunt team in Iran.
  • Received the plaque of the best G3 rifle shooter of the Ministry of Defense and Support of the Armed Forces of Iran.
  • Participated in several film and advertising projects as an actor and stuntman.
  • Holding several major sports festivals in Iran.
  • Received Kyokshin Karate coaching order from Iran Karate Federation.
  • Received the first order of Iranian parkour and freerring instructor from the Physical Fitness Federation.
  • Receive an International Aerobics Award from a representative of the World Federation (FISAF).
  • Received a coaching, aerobics and aerocombat coaching order from the Iranian Physical Fitness Federation.
  • Establishment of Hital Sports Group.


Influential professors in Hamed Heidi’s sports life :

  • Professor Ali Heidi, Professor of Self-Defense.
  • Professor Mohammad Ebrahimi Professor of Gymnastics.
  • Master Ali Cheraghi Master of Kyokshin Karate.
  • Master Muharram Panahi Master of Bodybuilding.
  • Dear Master Molayi Master Kyokshin Karate.
  • Master Morteza Khoshi Master Kyokshin and Aerocambet.
  • World champion Uni Vitanen and aerobics instructor from Finland.
  • Master of Eternal Covenant Master of Stunt and Action in Iranian Cinema.
  • Professor Yousef Shirzad, the founder of Kyokushin Karate in Iran.
  • Master Mostafa Rastineh, Master of Self-Defense and Cold Weapons.
  • Master Mohammad Bahrami Master Shotokan Karate.
  • Professor Mohammad Tohidi, the founder of Muay Thai in Iran.
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