About Calisthenics

About Calisthenics

It is an ancient Greek word meaning beauty and power

The art of using body weight to enhance and improve body physique, Cleisthenics is a new method of exercising and increasing physical fitness that consists of various exercises without the use of equipment.
In simpler terms, this sport means increasing strength and flexibility with movements such as jumping, swinging, twisting, bending, using the body’s own weight, which are displayed with great variety and power.

Klestenix can be useful in both muscle building and aerobics, in other words for the agility and coordination of the body muscles.


Intelligent physical activity with body weight, which is mostly done in parks and with general equipment.
Common movements of this sport are:
pull up,chin up,push up,dips,muscle up, sit up

And leg muscle strengthening movements are:
squat,lungs,pistol squat , …….

As well as constant power movements such as:

human flag,front lever,back lever ,planch,…….

Street Workout has gained a lot of fans, especially among the younger generation,
This sport is very attractive and exciting and creates a lot of physical ability.

Part of the popularity of this sport is due to the ability to build the body physique and the other part is due to the promotion of health and sociability of this method of exercise.


Teams are formed spontaneously,
Competitions are expanding periodically and locally, where teams compete with each other and demonstrate their skills.
The official competitions of this sport are organized under the auspices of the World Street Workout Federation.

Calisthenics or streetworkout
It’s not just a sport, it’s a healthy way to live.

Smart weight training that can be done anytime, anywhere.
It’s never too late to start, anyone of any age can do the sport.
Get your body in the best shape and enjoy the workout, this is not a race, compete with yourself.

Subhan Sakiani 🙏

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