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Introducing Hitall Sports Group

Hital in ancient Persian and Shahnameh of Ferdowsi the Great means hero and in English it means fighting. This name was first chosen in January 2006 by Professor Hamed Heidi for the self-defense and aerocambat team of Tehran Chamran Club (formerly Abdo Bowling). For the community outside of Iran, after that, this name was registered for Mehrshahr Karaj Parkour team and then Tehran Park Chamran Parkour team by Professor Heidi.

Hital played an important role in introducing and developing parkour in the country, which resulted in helping to register parkour as an official sport under the supervision of the former Iranian Physical Fitness and Aerobics Federation, as well as holding several parkour orientation and coaching classes in different cities of Iran. The activity of this group is and at the same time, martial arts sports such as professional Muay Thai, Aero Combat and Tricking were introduced and expanded by this group.

Hital Parkour currently has several experienced and specialized instructors, men and women, and countless students throughout Iran as the largest independent group operating and expanding exciting sports, as well as an entrepreneurial enterprise, coaches and Covers its students and works to keep the club afloat and provide the necessary resources for the development of the members.

Due to its brilliant record in holding cultural and sports festivals and festivals, as well as its continuous presence in advertising and film projects, Hital cooperates with various institutions and groups as a consultant and performer, and also continues its basic principles of culture building. Correct and safe exciting sports and maintaining the vitality and vitality of enthusiasts is based on the slogan of enjoying life in the shadow of heroism.

The principles on which Hital was founded

  • Hital Group is completely independent and has no affiliation with any political or social group.
  • All the coaches of the group are involved in managerial and executive affairs and work independently towards the goals of Hital.
  • The activities of the group are not limited and any sport or artistic activity of the members can be declared as Hital activity.
  • The motto of the group is to enjoy life in the shadow of heroism and the motivation of training is to try to achieve the best.
  • Hital members in each branch try to learn the necessary exercises and techniques well and teach the best to new students.
  • Maintaining safety and a sense of responsibility is the responsibility of everyone in the group .
  • Respect for your veterans in any sport and technique is a must for team members.
  • Hital has no borders and any person anywhere in Iran and the world can practice with the coordination of the group and communicate with their friends in Iran or anywhere else as a member of Hital.
  • Students who can reach the required standard physically and mentally are introduced to the relevant federations to receive official orders from the team to participate in coaching classes.
  • Students who receive coaching qualifications will be introduced to sports clubs with the support of the group and will start working.
  • All members of the group will be given the necessary technical conditions and preparation in teasers, video clips, advertising billboards and cinematic activities and all the activities of the group.
  • Hital is also active in the women’s section and has no restrictions on women in executive programs.
  • Hital welcomes cooperation with other groups and associations in social programs and humanitarian activities.
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